General Terms and Conditions

                                                 SND TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the season of 2021/2022

                                                                                                                                1 Introductory clause

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “GTC”) of the Slovak National Theatre refer to ticket sales and sales methods for performances given or hosted by the Slovak National Theatre.

                                                                                                  2 Tickets

1. Pursuant to paragraph 34 of Act No 222/2004 Coll. on Value Added Tax in line with further regulations, tickets to SND performances are VAT exempt. Ticket modification, forgery or copying shall entail breach of these GTC and relevant legislation,and may result in administrative–legal as well as penal consequences.
2. Ticket that is missing a control voucher, or one that is otherwise deliberately or unintentionally damaged, is invalid. When presenting such a ticket, its holder shall not be allowed to attend the performance for which the ticket was issued, and/or may be denied entry into the theatre.
3. By purchasing a ticket, customer acknowledges and accepts that:
a. There is no entry to the auditorium once the performance has begun. Spectators are therefore advised to arrive to the performance in good time before the beginning;
b. SND does not guarantee parking space for ticket holders. Parking capacity in the rear of the SND new building is limited; there is no parking by the SND historical building;
c. Entry in the auditorium is not permitted with rucksacks, umbrellas and hand luggage, except for ladies’ handbags;
d. Entry in the auditorium shall not be permitted to visitors wearing overcoats, jackets, fur coats and exceptionally dirty outfit;
e. Eating and drinking, use of audio-visual devices and mobile phones during performance is not permitted;
f. Photography, audio and video recording of any performance or its part are strictly forbidden;
g. It is forbidden to disturb performance, performing artists and fellow spectators prior or during performance, particularly by loud disturbance of performance, mobile phone ringing, undignified or otherwise inappropriate conduct, or other disturbing behaviour on the part of a visitor prior or during performance;
h. Entry to performances is not allowed to spectators who are in a state that will unduly disturb performance, its proceedings or fellow spectators (particularly, though not exclusively, those under the influence of addictive, narcotic or psychotropic substances, or in otherwise unfitting state);
i. Entry to performance is not permitted to a visitor if a justified doubt arises that a performance or presence at the performance by the visitor concerned may affect health or life of the visitor or other persons;
j. Spectators and visitors are not allowed to behave in a manner that is against good manners and/or in breach of generally binding legal regulations; additionally, they are not permitted to act in a manner that interferes or gives grounds to justified suspicion that it may interfere with the rights and legal entitlement, and honour and dignity of other customers, visitors, SND staff members, performing artists, and other persons.
k. During performances, Spectators are requested to observe current hygienic and anti-pandemic measures related to the COVID-19; the wording of the measures concerned is available on the website. 
4. In the event of non-compliance, breach, or a suspicion arises on the part of an authorised staff member – especially auditorium managers, first stage managers or other authorised personnel – of violation of the terms and conditions set forth in these GTC, in particular, but not limited to, clause 2.4 herein, or in the event of disturbance or suspicion of disturbance of performance or other visitors, as well as in the event of serious threat to health or life of customers or other persons, and in case of threat of damage to the SND property or other persons, the relevant SND staff member or a person authorised by the SND shall not allow entry, or prevent a customer concerned from accessing the SND building, its premises or performance, or remove the customer / visitor from the performance and/or from the SND building or its premises before, as well as during the performance.
If practicable and depending on the severity of violation of the terms stipulated herein, such customer will be allowed to monitor the performance on the screen in designated SND premises. In line with generally binding legal regulations, SND staff member or authorised personnel shall decide about the severity of the breach of the conditions and how to treat the breach.
This does not affect claims of damages that may be incurred as a result of the customer's conduct. If the customer's access to the performance is withdrawn or denied as a result of the breach of the GTC, such customer shall not be entitled to a refund of the ticket or to any other compensation. SND reserves the right to deny access to the SND building or its premises, and to performance to a customer or visitor who has previously violated the GTC during the period of one calendar year prior to the denial of access by the SND. In such event, the SND will refund such customer for their ticket without entitlement to any other refund.
5. SND reserves the right to use and adapt the capacity in view of its needs, for business and other purposes.

                                                                                           3 Tickets purchase, sales and bookings

Tickets to SND performances can be purchased in person at the SND Box Offices during opening hours or online through the portal – the reservation and sales system of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.

1. Tickets purchased online at must be printed. In exceptional cases, customers may request to have their tickets printed in the SND Box Office. After inspection by Box Office staff member, the tickets will be printed and stamped as "Duplicate", thus overriding the original tickets that shall be thus invalidated.
2. Regrettably, the SND does not offer e-tickets.
3. Tickets for performances of the SND Opera and the SND Ballet may be booked and the reservation may be collected no later than 14 calendar days before the date of the performance in question.
4. Regrettably, ticket reservations for performances given by the SND Drama Company is not possible, except for reservations of group bookings according to Section 4 herein, individual reservations for the purposes of the SND and in the case of performances with the permission of the director of the SND Drama Company, the Director of the SND Marketing Centre (Communications and Sales Department) and the SND General Manager.
5. Tickets can be booked via, by phone at +421 2 204 72 289, by e-mail at or in person at the SND Box offices.
6. By making a booking, spectator accepts to collect their tickets within 48 hours from the date of the booking. After this period, the booking shall be automatically cancelled.
In justified cases, the extension of the booking may be requested only electronically (by e-mail) at Repeated cancellation and re-booking of for the same performance shall be deemed to mean a deliberate blocking of seats in order to harm the business interests of the convenor. The operator of reserves the right to cancel the booking in question following a previous vain notice and in case of non-compliance with the warning of the inadmissibility of such a procedure to block the customer's registration at .
7. Spectators shall review their tickets immediately on purchase in SND Box Offices to make sure the tickets are correct; later claims shall not be accepted.
8. SND reserves the right to only sell tickets to the performance given on that day 30 minutes prior to the beginning of performance.
9. SND Box Offices accept payments with the following cards: ZBK, EC/MC, Maestro, MasterCardElectronic, VISA, VISA Electron, DC, JCB. If you wish to pay by card, please inform the Box Office staff member beforehand.
10. SND Box Offices accept payments with valid vouchers issued by the Slovak Ministry of Culture. Such purchases may be made in the Box Office located in SND new building by 6PM during opening hours.
11. Customers are entitled to receipt after having purchased tickets. When purchasing tickets via,ment at receipts can be requested from SND Sales Department, by email at or in person in SND Box Offices. To claim the receipt, please provide your billing information that is to be included in the receipt.
12. Children up to the ag of 3 enjoy entry-free access to SND repertoire performances without an entitlement to their own seat; they must be accompanied by a ticket holder.
13. . Ticket is deemed to be a security that is valid until the completion of the performance to which it has been purchased (except for the compensation under Sections 6.1 – 3 herein, in the event of cancellation or change of performance). Ticket modification and copying shall entail breach of these GTC and relevant laws, and may result in administrative and penal consequences.

                                                                                         4 Group bookings, billing

1. Group bookings:
- a request for over 10 tickets per performance shall be considered a group booking;
- to purchase 10 and less tickets, customers may make a booking to performances by the SND Opera and SND Ballet at or purchase the tickets in SND Box Offices or via
2. All received group bookings are binding.
3. Group bookings must be paid for by the 14th day prior to the date of the performance in question. If the payment is not made as set out in sentence 1 herein, the SND shall be entitled to cancel the booking and return the tickets to sales.
4. After confirmation of booking and issuance of purchase receipt, the booking cannot be cancelled (except for compensation as per Section 8), nor can there be made any change in the number or category of tickets or date of performance.
5. The cost of postal delivery (in Slovakia) of tickets is Euro 1.90 that will be added to the ticket price. SND shall not be held responsible for delayed delivery or damage of tickets when delivering the group tickets to the customer on request.
6. The following discounts apply to group bookings with the proviso the SND GTC are observed:
- students (if the booking is made by school or learning institution) – an order shall be sent by the school, or the school may sign up for the entire season. Such documents shall contain the name and address of the school (billing data), name of contact person – accompanying teachers, signature and stamp of the school;
- students (if the booking is made by natural entity) – a list of names of students and contact person;
- disability pass holders and retired persons – please send the order by an organisation, association or registration form for the entire season. Such documents shall contain the name and address (billing data), contact person and stamp of the organisation or association;
- disability pass holders and retired persons (if the booking is made by natural entity), please supply list of names of participants or send in copies of their ID cards that entitle them to discounts, and contact person;
- groups – as per discounts available in a given season.
7. Unless there is a change or cancellation of performance, receipts for purchases of tickets to SND based on group bookings cannot be cancelled.
8. Other terms concerning group tickets, unless stipulated or otherwise stipulated in this section of GTC, shall be governed by the terms applicable to ordinary tickets.

                                                                                          5 Ticket discounts

1. Customers are entitled to use discounts on tickets for selected repertoire performances in person only, provided they meet the discount terms.
2. Prior to purchasing discounted ticket, customers shall present a relevant ID or a combination of IDs (e.g. school ID along with a citizen ID, eGTC.) that entitles them to the discount. Discounted tickets cannot be sold to customers who fail to present the required IDs. Presentation of such IDs is not compulsory and includes the consent by the person concerned, and serves exclusively for the purposes of discount entitlement. The IDs concerned shall be originals of the following documents:
- Student/school ID;
- Pupil card;
- Reduced prepaid travel card;
- School attendance confirmation;
- Euro<26, ISIC, ITIC cards;
- disabled pass, accompanying person to disabled card holder;
- to redeem discounts for the elderly aged over 62, customers shall present proof of age or status of the person for whom the discounted ticket is to be issued, e.g. citizen ID, reduced travel card; other retired customers (those receiving early old age pension) should present certificate issued by the Social Insurance Company on the entitlement to old age pension, or reduced travel card.
3. Discounts cannot be cumulated, combined and joined with each other and other special offers, nor can they be applied to reduced-entry performances (public dress rehearsals, pre-premières, morning performances, etc.), unless otherwise stated.
4. Unless otherwise stated on the SND website and/or on information boards in SND Box Offices, discounts do not apply to New Year’s Eve performances (31. 12.), premières, performances given by visiting theatre companies, and any other events or special performances or events (as decided by the Director of the SND Marketing Centre (Communications and Sales Department) upon consultation with Director of individual SND ensembles).

                                                                                              6 Other terms

                                                       A. Cancellation, change of performance, exchange of tickets

1. In the event of change of scheduled performance, customers are entitled to attend replacement performance. If they decide to attend the latter, they may use their originally purchased tickets. In such event they shall no longer be entitled to return their tickets or the price difference between the cost of tickets to the original and replacement performance.
2. If, in the event of a change of performance according to Section 1 herein, the customer does not agree with the title of the replacement performance and does not use the opportunity to attend the replacement performance, she or he shall be entitled to return unused tickets, the price paid for the ticket purchased, or request a voucher in the amount of the ticket in question, which they shall be able to use until 30 June 2022 for any SND repertoire performance. For this purpose, the customer shall present intact tickets at the SND Box Office as a proof of refund.
3. Spectators may only request the return of the ticket fee in the event of cancellation and/or changes to the performance. The request shall be made in person at the SND Box Office from the moment of notification of the change within 15 working days after the scheduled date of the performance.
Alternatively, spectators may request the refund in writing by e-mail at stating the account number and bank code (IBAN, SWIFT / BIC)+ the request shall be accompanied by scanned unmarked tickets for refund.
In the event of cancellation of performance, spectators shall claim refund in person in SND Box Offices within 15 working days from the moment of announcement of cancellation of performance. They may also claim their refunds by email at please include your account number and bank sort code (IBAN, SWIFT/BIC) and scanned tickets that have not been used.
Customers may claim their refund after the 15-day deadline only in writing (or by email, if you purchased your tickets inline) at please include your account number and bank sort code (IBAN, SWIFT/BIC) and scanned tickets that have not been used.
Applications for refunds as set out above, may be filed within 2 years from the cancellation of performance. Otherwise the entitlement to discount expires in lien with relevant legislation.
4. SND informs about change in programming or cancellation of performance on its homepage and by displaying the information in its Box Offices. SND also informs customers who made group purchases by telephone or email, time permitting and if technically practicable, and if the SND has the necessary contact details.
5. In the event of change of programming or cancellation of performance due to any reason, customers shall NOT be entitled to refunds for any other cost/expenses related to the performance to which they have purchased tickets – particularly transportation to the theatre, accommodation, meals, etc..
6. Except for refunds as set out in Sections 6.1 – 6.3 herein, tickets purchased for a performance cannot be refunded or exchanged; spectators shall be unable to claim either compensation or discount son the tickets purchased
7. SND does not provide replacements for lost tickets.

                                                                      B. Cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic

1. In connection with cancelled performances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, spectators are entitled to request a refund of the entrance fee or the issue of a voucher, which can be used until the end of the theatre season 2021/2022 ending on 30 June 2022 for any SND repertoire performance, and this in writing by e-mail at
a. When requesting a refund, customers ae requested to provide their account number and sort code (IBAN, SWIFT / BIC) and attach scanned tickets.
b. When applying for a voucher, please state the name, surname, address, email, telephone contact together with the consent of the data subject with personal data processing of and attach scanned tickets intended for the issuance of the voucher.
At the same time, the customer may exchange the tickets directly at the SND Box Office for other repertoire performances of the season until the end of the theatre season 2021/2022 ending on 30 June 2022.
2. The issued voucher can be collected at the SND Box Offices. Voucher is deemed to be a security. It contains name of the customer who purchased the original tickets or identification data guaranteeing their protection against misuse.
3. The application for a ticket refund shall be submitted no later than 2 years after the cancellation of the performance, otherwise the entitlement to a refund of the ticket shall expire in accordance with the relevant legal regulations.


                                                                                                7 Gift vouchers

1. Gift vouchers can be used to buy tickets and SND printed material only in SND Box Offices.
2. Gift voucher is deemed to be a security: forgery shall be punished by law.
3. Types of gift vouchers:
Gift voucher in the value of € 20;
Gift voucher in the value of € 35;
Gift voucher in the value of € 50.
4. Each gift voucher bears a dedicated identifier – numeric code.
5. Gift vouchers may be used for performances scheduled for the period of the validity of the gift voucher
6. When purchasing tickets using gift vouchers, SND does not give cash back on price.
7. If the ticket price is higher than the value of the gift voucher, customers shall pay the balance in cash or by card
8. When paying for tickets using gift vouchers, customers are welcome to use several gift vouchers and to combine different types of gift vouchers.
9. SND does not provide new / replacement of lost or damaged gift vouchers.
10. There is no cashback on gift vouchers. Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for gift vouchers with different period of validity.
11. Gift vouchers can be purchased in SND Box Offices
12. SND gift vouchers are VAT exempt.
13. . Unless otherwise stated in this section, terms and condition set out elsewhere in these GTC apply also to gift vouchers

SND gift voucher specimen 2020/2021 valid until 30 June 2022:

SND gift voucher specimen 2021/2022 valid until 31 December 2022:


                                                                                              8 Subscriptions – season tickets

1. In connection with cancelled performances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cancelled subscription performances of the 2019/2020 season shall be given or replaced within the 2021/2022 season.
2. We regret not to offer season tickets for the 2021/2022 season.
3. Season ticket is a prepaid ticket for a series of selected performances. The season ticket contains tickets to a specific seat and specific performance scheduled for a specific date and venue in the season of 2019/2020.
4. purchasing season ticket, customer secures booking of selected seats in the venues of performances listed in the series for which the season ticket applies. Season ticket holders do not need to make any additional bookings.
5. Season ticket bears the holder’s name, ticket number, series title, venue (one of the two SND buildings) and seat.
6. Customers do not hand over their season ticket on entry to the theatre, but are kindly asked to present the ticket to the ushers when entering the auditorium. Holders keep their season tickets for further performances within the series.
7. Dates of performances given by the SND Opera and Ballet are available when purchasing the season ticket. The dates for performances by the SND Drama Company are announced by the SND in well in time prior to the performance. Customers may wish to check specific dates of performances on programme posters and at
8. Season ticket holders may not change the date of scheduled performance
9. ticket is transferrable. If the date of performance does not suit the season ticket holder, they are welcome to lend their season ticket to third party.
10. the event of change in programming or cancellation of performance, the SND shall offer an alternative performance as an adequate compensation.
11. By purchasing season tickets customers undertake to observe the dates of performances scheduled within the season series.
12. Season ticket is a security for the period of its validity (performances scheduled within the season series). Season ticket expires on the completion of performance in the series (except for compensation as per Sections 6.1 – 6.3 herein) in the event of cancellation or change in programming). Any modification and/or copying of season tickets shall be deemed to be a breach of these GTC, as well as with relevant legislation and may result in administrative-legal and penal consequences.
13. Sale of season tickets series opens before the launch of the given season. Season tickets can be purchased at the SND from dedicated staff member, by email at or via
14. SND does not guarantee seats from previous seasons for any series
15. SND reserves the right to alter programming

                                                                                                    9 COVID MEASURES

1. Convening cultural events is governed by the so called traffic lights for cultural events, which are defined in § 1 par. 1 letter a) to d) of the Act of the Slovak National Council No 96/1991 Coll. on public cultural events and relevant provisions of Act No 355/2007 Coll. on the protection, support and development of public health and on the amendment of certain laws as amended and, due to the pandemic, by Decree No 241/2021 of the Decree of the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic, which imposes measures in the event of compromising public health to restrict public events.
2. Visitors are required to comply with the terms of entry into the SND premises and/or the terms under which events held on the SND premises are held in accordance with current anti-pandemic measures.                                                                                                 

                                                                                                    10 Final clauses

1. These Terms and Conditions for the 2021/2022 season are effective as of 30 June 2021.
2. The following Annexes are an integral part of the Terms and Conditions:
The terms and facts contained in the Annexes to the Terms and Conditions shall be binding as part of these Terms and Conditions.